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Being made unemployed during maternity leave.

Hi, can anyone give any advice,

I am 36 weeks pregnant, and due to start my maternity next week. My boss has just informed me that he his retiring on the 5 April so my job will no longer be available. However, he has been in discussion with a another firm, who he used to be in partnership with, and agreed for them to employ me under the same conditions as I am on now.

However, who pays my maternity after 5 April? Will it be my new boss (even though I've not worked for them) or will I lose what is owed to me (there will be about 1 week at the higher rate pay).

Thanks for any advice, as I am really shocked and upset at the moment I can't think straight.


  • Well I would call your boss back and ask these questions as you can't be lef tin the lurch and someone is going to have to psy you your maternity leave.
  • hi i havent spoke to u before do u get smp there is a helpline which is brill so ring them they will tell u all u need to know and if needs be they sort out problems with emplyers for u as they are a dispute helpline too number is 019102255221 good luck
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