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Maternity leave for teachers


I was wondering if anyone could help me. My baby is due on the 22nd July 2009. This is the last day of the school term at the place where I teach. If I work up until my due date, can my maternity leave and pay commence after the summer holiays and the beginning of the school term in Sept. I just feel extremely miffed that my baby will prob be overdue as it is my first and I have to use my six weeks school holiday as part of my maternity. Please help as this is stressing me out!


  • im not sure hun as i live in Northern Ireland and my sister is a teacher and had to go back after 3 months so as to get her full pay. Can i just say though that your baby might not be late just cause its your first, my lo came 2 weeks early as do 50%of first babys so dont set your heart on working up to the end. xxx
  • Hi jentopbird,

    I think that maternity leave starts at the latest when you have your baby, and the summer holidays count as work time for teachers. I can't find too much info on this situation for teachers though. On the plus side, you can put your return date for the first day of any holidays so that you get paid over the holiday but don't start back until afterwards.
    Sorry I can't give definite answers, perhaps ask your union?
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  • Hi,

    i know at our school if you are off work 4 weeks before your due date your maternity pay will cut in then! Also if there are holidays you must be back at work after them for a few days before you can take maternity leave otherwise they take it from the 1st day of the holidays. So i don;t know if you could work until your summer holidays, have the baby and then maybe go back in september for a few days then go off on maternity??? hope that makes sense.
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