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Advice needed

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is ok. Was just after any advice if you could help. I'm due to have my 3rd child in july, i have a daughter aged 3 in half day nursery & a son who is 9 months. We have been looking at various options as both myself & hubby work full time & 1 of the options would be for Hubby to give up work & stay at home to look after the children. This would be the best option as my wages far outway his, so best in theory for me to stay at work which i work flexi hours. Was just wanting to see if there was any help we would get, or anything that we cut back on to save pennies, i know tax credits will give us some extra but thats all i know of.

Any help or advice would be appreciated

Many Thanks



  • You should be able to apply for help with childcare for your LO that goes to nursery... Also if your doing over 16 hrs a week and earn under a certain amount then you may also qualify for working tax credit as well as your child tax credit and child benefit...
    I think there is a web page or the inland revenue phone number on child benefit form give them a ring and ask hunni...
  • Thanks very much for your reply, i've looked into tax credits & we do get some extra, dont get anything for my daughter going to nursery mind as we have both in childcare 3 days a week now & dont get anything from that due to our wages, but will look into it if it were the case to drop hubby's - thanks very much xx
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