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anyone elses child started nusery this sept?

hi im a fulltime mum.
My daughter who will be 4 in jan started nursery last month and goes 2 1/2 hours each morning.
Luckily I have a 10week old baby to keep me occupied or I would be bored!
As it goes im always busy and having 2 is tougher than I thought. And I want 4 children eventually haha

Anyway I love being a sahm, its my calling LOL. I have no career ambitions what so ever

Anyone else in simular situation?

Fiona, Felicity & Ella xXx


  • My two eldest are at full time school and my youngest goes to playschool for the funded 15hrs a week ( works out three mornings and two afternoons) so Iget a break. I must admit I do get bored, daytime telly is really crap lol!

    At the moment I am content with being a sahm, once they are all at fulltime school etc I am hoping to train to become a Birthing Daula. Well that and I need to learn to drive to become one really lol!

    I love being able to go to school plays, have the time to see all their milestones while growing up etc, its special and I like to think they will remember me as a mummy thats always there whatever happens?

    I doubt we could afford childcare for my soon to be four children either! even if I could work, my wages couldnt cover the costs especially in the holidays etc. I have no family to ask to help either.

  • my 3 yr old son started nursery in sep and then i had my daughter at the beggining of oct so dint have long home alone hehe. i also want to have 4 children eventually thou finding it a little hard with a 3 yr old and a newborn, im rushed off my feet! well see, i still like the thought of a big family!

  • my little girl started in september...
    but i've no time for THIS MORNING - as i have twins - 18 months old who run my socks off! LOL

    while she goes to play with her new best mates i run off to play group with the twins,which they love. sometimes i pop to town - which they don't love !

    i am definately not going to be having 4 kids as the laundry would be just too much!!!!
  • hi there
    im new to this forum. Ive bn on pregnancy and DIjuly.
    I have Jack who was 4 in jan and started nursery school sept just gone. He loves it. Luckily he got a full time place and after doing 850am till 1130 for 2 weeks now does 850am till 315pm. It exhausts him tho but he loves it.
    I also have olly who is 18 months old and amd du baby No3 july 8th. I have to say im quite bored at the moment. House work isnt enjoyable so as olly sleeps 10ish till 1230/1pm then during that time i am rly bored. I would go back to work at the drop of a hat (if wasnt pregnant) but nursery and after school/holiday club would be more than my wage. I do love bn at home in the school hols when i have jack at home too so im hoping ill be ok when baby is born. We will have to see.
    I do go to groups like story time and play and stay which olly loves and they rly do me the world of good too.
  • hello im SAHM to my son who is 15 months, we are having just 1 more soon-ttc soon! and then i go bcak to work when they both in full time school. i havent really thought about childcare in hols.after school to be honest but im sure im entitled to childcare vouchers to help with cost?
    plus i want a morgage one day! but going back to work while he wasnt in school wasnt a option for me! not unless we had no choice.
  • Hi again.
    Felicity will be starting full time school in sept and Ella is 1 on 5th August!
    I do get bored when she has her 2 naps a day now and am really considering a 3rd baby. so broody.
    Still love being a full time mum and the thought of going back to work and both my girls being at school scares me.
    How is everyone? xxx
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