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child care questions

how much does the avergae nursey cost? and how do you qualify for help with pavements?
im a stay at home mum at mo but may have to return soon.


  • I pay ??33 a day. As Lily only goes two days a week we don't get any help but I get the child care vouchers deducted from my salary to pay for it. Ring child tax credits as they can probably explain it better than me! xx
  • Hiya
    Caitlin goes 3 full days a week, i get the child care element of the child tax credit which means i get all of it paid except for ??10 of it. It really depends how much you earn and how much your partner earns, we both work full time and thats what we get

    hope it helps

    Jo x
  • Hi.
    I live in somerset and my daughter goes everday 9-3 and we are charged ??465 a month and tax credits pay most of this as we are both working full time. I have found in the past though that tax credits will not give you a quote on how much you would get. you have to put yourself in that situation before they tell you which is a very risky thing to do but it does usually pay off.
    How ol dis your child because when they are 3 you get a allowance for pre-school fees. although not sure how much it is.

    Beth x
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