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What's your morning routine,need to change for back to work?


At the moment Archie and I take time over breakfast etc because we can. But when I go back to work I'll be up and out leaving hubby to the breakfast etc.
Currently we get up at 7.30 and he has his bottle (6oz) Then he has porridge at 9am. He's happy to wait till 11.45 or 12pm for his lunch.
But if hubby gets him up at say 7am and gives him bottle then he will drop off with nursery or childminder at 8. So I'm hoping childminder will give Archie his breakfast (she said she'll fit into our routine as much as possible) but at nursery will they ?
Do you give lo breakfast before childcare ? If so do they then need more milk or snack to see them through to lunchtime ?
thanks, have 2wks to get it changed etc. Suz xx


  • Hiya,
    At the moment my los has her morning bottle bout 5am then goes back to sleep, we get up bout 7 get washed dressed etc, then we have breakie, do lunches (if it hadn't been done nite b4) make sure everythings ready etc, then leave the house bout 8.25. I send lily with snacks for during the day as and when the childminder thinks she needs it. And her lunch and tea are in seperate boxes. It was a bit manic at 1st cos like u we used to take our time but after a while we jst got used to it and feels like we've done it all the time.
    I;m sure childminder wud giv breakfast mine wud, but i spose it depends wot time u get there and whether she has school runs etc to do. not sure bout nursery tho. Or i spose, cud u make his bottle a bit earlier and give him breakie b4 u leave?

    Good luck goin back to work
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