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NHS maternity pay

i'm new to all this but hopefully someone can help me does anyone know exactly how much maternity pay you get through the nhs and how long etc...
Realy rather baffled by all the litrature that ive read and just want it in simple terms!



  • Hi!
    There is Maternity Allowance which is paid through the jobcentre...
    max ??117 a week I think...
    but you have to have earnt a minimum of ??30 a week for 26weeks out of the 66weeks before your baby is born... the 26 weeks don't have to be consecutive.
    Maternity Allowance exists for those who do not qualify for SMP (eg. self employed and those who change jobs whilst pregnant - or like me weren't employed when they got pregnant)
    hope that makes it a bit clearer! i'm looking to claim MA myself....
  • oh and i think you get it for 39 weeks.
  • i work in the NHS and as im not returing to work i will get 6 wks pay at 90% of average earnings,then 33 wks flat rate SMP of 112.75 a wk. if you are returning you get this plus OML pay which will be alot more. you will meet with HR at 20-23 wks when you get MAT B1 form from midwife and they will go throught it with you.
  • I may have missed the boat on this one, but I too work in the NHS and have just returned to work after mat leave. I got full pay for the first 8 weeks, half my usual pay for the next 18 weeks-WITH SMP on top (which added up to what I used to get for my basic pay anyway), then only SMP for the last 13 weeks, which is ??112 per week-about ??450 a month. Hope that helps x
  • The same as Mrs V states. Make sure that they also give you your increment when due, my hospital didn't and I had to get unison to sort it out.:roll:
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