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To tell or not to tell - At work

I posted earlier on the Pregnancy forum. It was a question about how come I am so huge when I am only 9 weeks with my first. I was worried something might be wrong. I was reassured by one and all over there!

If everything's fine I guess the main trouble it's causing me is keeping things secret.

I'm waiting for or annual review at work and they keep moving the dates forward in time as we are so busy at the moment. It is a real worry for me. I know that (although it should not be like that) if they find out I'm pregnant before my review there's no chance of me getting a payrise. So I wanted to tell them a month and half to two months after the review... but if I now have the review really late it's gonna seem like I'm taking the piss having the review only to tell the the next week that I'll be going on maternity leave this year. Oh it's sooooo hard. What would you do??:\(

I like my workplace and the people and I don't want to seem to be taking advantage... and at the same time, if there was ever a time in my life when I have to put myself first, this is it now!!

Big-up the huge girls!!!


  • Tough call. All depends how much you trust them to treat you fair. As for being big early, you can eat cakes in public so people just think you're getting fat! Or buy a couple of new floaty type tops and call it your new sumer wardrobe.
  • I would say that I waited because I wanted to have my scan and results before announcing it, (most people do this and perfectly plausible up to about 14/15 weeks I would think, if you say the blood tests took a while?) and I wouldn't feel underhanded as your situaution shouldn't affect your payrise anyway. TBH I don't see the point in waiting 2 months after your review, that would make you about 4-5 months? and not only would it be hard to hide but they'll know that you would have known for some time anyway.
    Good luck x
  • Cheers for your thoughts 'secret me' and Excitedmum',

    I've just read up about it and you don't actually have to tell your boss until you're about 25 weeks, but as you say: could I hide it till then.

    'Secretme' you had me giggle about the cakes. I think that's gotta be the most pleasant way of getting round it. "Muffle muffle Plegnant mwee?? Naah i'm gjus faaat!" *mouth full of danish*

    Just found out I'm not to have my review until sometime in May. I'm going to have my first scan next week (iiik) and I'm going to see how long I can hold on after that or if I feel like telling.

    I know what the law says, and I'd love to think they'd treat me fair... but I know I ought to be up for a raise this year, but doubt if they won't just say "sorry it's the recession" if they found out I'm off on maternity!!!
  • Hi, Just wondered how you got on with your review and whether you have 'fessed up yet?! x
  • Hi, Just wondered how you got on with your review and whether you have 'fessed up yet?! x
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