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Help. I Max is 7 months and I am going back to work in 5 weeks and dreading it. I am only doing 2.5 days per week and leaving Max with family but......... he is the CLINGIEST baby! He literally screams the place down if I leave him for 2 seconds. If I leave him with OH he is the same. He is constantly craning hi sneck to the last place he saw me and if he hears me speak in another room he screams even harder.

It is a massive problem. He cried so much when I left him with OH last night while I put 5 year old to bed, he made himself sick!

I just don't know what todo. During the day I often leave the room and return to console him (I thought this might help him get used to it) but nothing is working!

As far as I know he cries continually when I'm gone. I popped out for 40 minutes the other night and left him with OH and he screamed so hard my OH said it was the worst 40 mins of his life!

I need advice please because as things are there is no way either nanny is going to cope.

Love Helen X :cry:


  • Oh you poor thing! Havin to go back to work is hard enough isn't it?
    Could u mayb try havin sum1 else hold him and then gradually move further and further away til ur out the room, kinda wean him off u?
    Sorry i've not got much advice, hope u sort it out soon and good luck goin back to work
  • hey, maybe start spending the 2 1/2 days you are going to be at work with the family who will be looking after your LO. Then he will get used to being around them and feel comfortable. As the weeks go by up to you gong back to work start leaving your LO with family for 30 mins, then 1 hr, then an afternoon. Good luck!
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