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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help, my friend has recently had a baby and when she went on maternity leave she tried to put some annual leave in before, she was told she couldn't as she hadn't worked enough through the year to build up the leave. Is this correct? any help on this would be appreciated as if they are in the wrong my friend wants to confront them, but on the other hand wants to make sure she has her facts right xxxxx


  • you are entilited to use up all the current years holiday before you go on leave, and book next years if they dont let you book holiday they are discriminating against you x
  • Also you should build in up on a monthly basis. I think I get five weeks a year, so every month its like I earn 2 days. does that make sense?? lol. I know when I go back I will still have my 5 weeks to take before april image
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