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A work worry .....

Hi ladies

After a bit of advice really. Here's the background...
My dream job is quite a senior role and to get it at this stage in my caree is quite unheard of, however the current person in this role is pregnant and I have been appointed as a secondment to cover her maternity leave. The problem is that I now know I am pregnant and due in July. The lady leaves this week and I start on monday! I am only just going to doctors today and we haven't old anyone about our pregnancy including employer. I am scared to tell them as I know they will be annoyed (even though I know thay can't expres this or discriminate againts me). The thing is now I will be leaving long before the other lady is due back so they will have to find another replacement (it's not an easy role to cover). The thing I was wondering is when I come back - if i am back before the original pregnant lady returns would i be entitled to go back to my seconded role of covering her maternity or would I go back to my oriinal role? I'd love to go back to the seconded role as I know there is a good chance that she wont return and then I will be permanently appointed.

Sorry for the long rambling post! It's something that is stopping me relaxing and enjoying my pregnancy. I feel sick when i think about telling my employer. I knew I was pregnant when I accepted and I think they will be mad about that - however I am not prepared to lose this amazing opportunity becaus I am pregnant!

Any advice is VERY much appreciated. xxx


  • I don't know the law on this but if you do the job well for a bit and prove your worth they may well want you back - especially if original lady isn't likely to return... It depends on your relationship with company I guess. I know a friend of mine went for a job and found out she was pregnant just before interview - she told them and she still got the job! I myself got asked to take on a job (temporarily until they found a permanent person) a few weeks ago that I was 50/50 about doing. The boss is quite cut-throat so I told her I was pg expecting her to blanch but she was actually cool about it and even said if I liked the job and they were happy I could come back after mat leave image

    I very much believe in things happening for a reason so if this doesn't work out for you it will be for a good reason - youi may decide to stay at home, a better position may appear....
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