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can anyone guide me???

hey..i know its maybe too early to start thinkin bout this..but once baby is here im pretty sure time will pass way to fast!! im havin issues in thinkin bout goin back to work!! atm both me and my husband work full time,neither of us on a great wage,but i dnt understand all the benifits and weather we will really struggle after my maternity leave is up and i dont go back to work??? i just dont think atm i can imagine leavin my baby..mayb after a year or too i think il be ready. has anyone else here gone bk to work or are they full time mummys? thank u!!! x


  • I had a year off with my lo, and came back to work when he was 1 year and 1 week. I work 3 days a week now, and I really enjoy it.

    I went back thinkning that i would give it a go, and finish if I wasn't enjoying it or if leaving lo was just too difficult. After my first day back at work, I was determined to give it my very best shot because I really enjoy work - the social interaction, mental stimulation, getting out of the house, having something just for myself. I also enjoy making myself a cup of coffee and drinking it whilst it is still hot!

    It is hard work though, juggling home and work. Sorting everything out for lo in the mornings, getting myself to work and doing a full day, getting myself home and taking over lo, getting him bathed and to bed, then sorting out things round the house (washing, tidying etc), making dinner and then collapsing in front of the TV afterwards.

    I think if you are happy with your childcare, you feel more comfortable and confident leaving lo. I spent 9 months of my maternity leave thinking I would not go back to work, and then my new mummy friends all went back to work, and I realised that life with lo without all my mummy friends around in the daytime would be very different to how it had been until then. I am so glad that I gave it my best shot. Now my workplace is making redundancies (and offering a generous package) and I am hoping and praying that i will not be for the chop. I would never have thought I would be saying that before I came back to work! I would have been praying that I could get a payput and not have to make the decision!

    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy x
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