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sum help?

does ne1 know if a degree is voided if u dont get a job in the 10 years of graduating????
i graduated in 2003 and have been told by my sister that if i dont get a job in the next 3 years then my degree will be a waste cos i cant use it. is this true? does ne1 know? pls help.....
i started a family after graduating thinking i can get a job netime after id completed my family.....but now it seems il have to find a job in the next 3 years or else!!!!


  • You can't 'void' a degree darling. If you wanted to get a job that was very linked to your degree e.g. having done chemistry as a lab assistant, then yes they may think your knowledge may need brushing up (depending on how technical your degree was). But most jobs just take a degree as proof you are intelligent, have certain skills (e.g. analytical skills) and can apply yourself/work hard.
    It is also true though that a lot of jobs look for people with experience, and there is a lot of competition for 'graduate level jobs' i.e. ones which are looking for degree-level people. It would be easier to get a job that doesn't need a degree but then work your way up. Just my opinion and it really depends what your degree was in and what type of job you would be looking for.
  • ive got a biomedical science honours degree. and i did apply for jobs whilst i was pregnant with my first child, but i was either over qualified if i wanted to work my way up, or under qualified if i applied for anything else, and what i was "just rite for" i failed the interview.....cos i have 2nd class honours and not a first......
  • A degree cannot be voided - there are hundreds of people out there who've had jobs since leaving uni in fields completely unrelated to their degree, and your degree still counts.

    I was a biomedical scientist until earlier this year (now looking after my son), and the qualification/entry requirements have changed since 2003. If your degree was accredited by the IBMS (if you're not sure they'll be able to let you know,, it will count - if not you would be expected to do top-up modules (usually as part of your training, funded by your employer), but unfortunately this has been made very complicated now so many employers will prefer someone with an accredited degree. You will only be able to apply for a trainee post, which is the case for all but very recent graduates who did their training portfolio during their degree - but this has been the case for years, and a trainee salary is loads better than it was in 2003! If you're thinking of looking for work soon, there should be jobs out there, we were short staffed for quite a while - but I;d contact the IBMS first and detail your situation to them so they can tell you what you'd need to do to update - then you can tell any prospective employer what they said when you apply and the fact that you haven't worked in a lab since finishing your degree won't phase them as much.

    If you want to apply for unrelated jobs though, I really wouldn't worry about it, your degree will be valid - they'll probably ask what you've been doing in the meantime but raising a family is a very worthwhile job with many transferrable skills!
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