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kids at school

how do you get your child after school if you work a9-5 job? i dont have family close by so i am wondering when the time comes how i will mange?


  • I think we will ahve to have a childminder when the time comes. I knwo that some do the school run as I see them walking past my house every day. Yet another thing to have to sort out and be happy with! Its neverending x
  • I have a childminder who I drop my son off to in the morning and she takes him to school then collects him afterwards.

    I also dont have any family around to help out with childcare. My son loves going. There is also an after school club and breakfasst club at most primary school these days.

    I have him registered with the after school club in case the childminder is ill or for when she is on holiday
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