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ending flexi hrs help

i need help, when i went back to work 10 months ago i requested flexi hrs i had pnd and thought this would make things easier, but now i feel like i have my head together and want to go back on shifts but work will not let.
i know most people struggle to get them, but i can't get off them,
any ideas????


  • Did you sign a new contract when you went to flexi hours??
  • yes but that had nothing to do with my hours it was because i changed departments, i think my new boss hate's me the whole situation has become a personal attack on me, it seems my having a baby is a real inconveniance, i don't even work for a small company its a multi-national organisation but i must point out i only work with men.
  • DId the new contract state your new hours even though ti was really for changing departments? Did you say you wanted it for a trail period or was this not discussed?

    Is there any reasonable business reason that they could not let you go back to shifts?

    Do you have a union? It maybe necessary to get them involved?!
  • hi thanks for answering
    my union so far have been useless
    i did say it was only for a trial period, my boss spent most of last year trying to force me on shifts.
    the reason they are giving me is the current economic climate they can't justify me being on shifts (i work for a car manufacturing company)
    but the only people on days is me and the apprentice, there are even men working day's hrs but getting 3 shift pay.
    a friend has told me to get in touch with acas for some advice, but i have to admit i'm not to sure how far to take all this before they get really pee'd off with me and make my life even more like hell.
  • I know what you mean about possibly making things worse but I would try and get in touch with acas and just find out what they suggested after all you don't then have to act on it it's up to you. Was it set down how long the trial period would be for? I would get some further advice and see from there what you want to do!
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