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sickness pay if baby is ill? etc

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knows if:
If my baby was ill & i couldn't go in to work would i still get paid?
If my mum (who looks after my baby) was ill & i couldn't go in to work would i get paid?
& When i need to take my baby to the doctors during work time do i still get paid?
Hope someone can help with my questions, don't know who else to check with apart from work, but i like to find these things out before talking to work, just incase they try to do me out of anything!
Katie xx


  • Hi Katie,

    I don't know if it'll be the same for all workplaces but I'm not entitled to sick pay if it is not me who is ill. I have been known to lie and say that I'm ill if I know it's only likely to be a day or two and I can get away with it!
    I simply can't afford to not get paid, I'm a single mum and the nursery fees have to be paid whether my son is there or not!
    I have also used up some of my annual leave when the kids have been ill and I've not been able to lie (like when the school phoned work to say my son was being sick) and now, I think he has chicken pox so I'll have to tell work the truth and take the time off as holiday because I won't even be able to pay my rent if I had to have two weeks off without pay!!

    Hope that helps a bit, like I said it might be different at your work!

  • you are entitled to time off if lo's and sick or no childcare i work for the nhs and get carers leave but its up to the manager so it depends on where you work. i would ask but if you could ask the hr department that would be better coz then if you choose to tell a white lie then no one will know what youre up to LOL
  • Hi Like the others have said it depends on where you work. I've been paid sometimes and not others (management discretion now have new manager so don't get paid). It's best to ask what their policy is.

    Claire x
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