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Child tax/working tax credit question

Hi all
I am only TTC but a little confused about family tax credits.
Is it possible to clam while you are on mat leave if you are only getting the SMP? In my job I will be entitled to 14 weeks full pay then another 24ish weeks on SMP.
I know it goes on last years earnings so Im a little confused as I wont be needing childcare till LO is at least 6month old but then do i adjust my claim then to include childcare allowance? Or can I only start my whole claim from when I am working again full time?

Sorry if ive confused this up! Just like to be super organised and plan ahead!
Many thanks, H x


  • hiya, imin the same boat at the mo, i have applied for tax credits now, LO is 9 weeks old. im not putting riley into nursery until he is about 8 months old so what i am planning to do is applying now then if something changes ring them up and they will send you an amendment sheet once your LO goes to nursery. unfortunately the problem is that it goes on last years earnings so you wont really benefit until April next year. not sure if that has helped at all. but i would just ring them up and ask them for a form and fill it out and send it off, takes 3 weeks for them to process, then ring them again if your circumstances change ie LO goes to nursery xx
  • Thats great thanks LSM!
    You hear so many stories of being overpaid then in trouble and I tbh I could see me getting caught out just from not understanding it properly!
    Many thanks H x
  • Hi my LO is 9 wks old and I called tax credits a few weeks ago to let them know he was born and to give them an estimate of this years earnings 04/09-04/10 and they told me to take ??2600 off my total earnings of which is already reduced due to being on SMP and now I am being paid a fair bit more than i was before.
    It is well worth giving them a ring now and don't leave it till april. When LO's go to nursery and you go back to work your income changes again so you just need to inform them then. image

  • Thanks for that MrsBell.
    So I could sort it all out from birth (when im on smp and hubby working).
    Then update it when im back full time and LO in nursery?
    Thanks H x
  • Yes that sounds fine as long as you keep them infomed of any change as soon as it happens, you can't go wrong.
    Good luck with TTC xxx
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