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Anyone an Usborne organiser?

Hi all,

I'm interested in becoming an Usborne books seller and wondered if there was anyone else out there doing it? How do you find it?
I've got a 2 and a half year old and another baby due at the end of October. I currently work two days a week for the local authority, but would really like to do something more flexible so that I can be there for my kids.
I've got so many questions I want to ask! It would be great to chat to someone who is already doing it!


  • Hi I know Hilary from the Nov 07 forum does this. Maybe if you pop on there and ask her about it.
  • Thanks to all those who have replied. I actually signed up shortly after I initially posted this question. So far, I've done two parties and I am currently getting bookings for more parties and playgroups. Its going really well so far, and I'm really enjoying it!
  • can i ask if you wouldnt mind, how your all doing finantially with this, i was going to do it but couldnt see myself earning enough. How much do you get on an average week/month? x
  • can i ask if you wouldnt mind, how your all doing finantially with this, i was going to do it but couldnt see myself earning enough. How much do you get on an average week/month? x

    I've been doing this for about 6weeks and not doing v much work as very preg at mo. but find it easy to do and think it's got great potential. I don't mind giving you detail on my story so far or keeping you updated of how much I actually make and when as I too was worried about starting, just e-mail me [email protected]

  • hey

    im thinking of starting this aswell, might keep my eye on the website and see if the starter kit has any offers on it in the next few weeks though, not really got ??38 spare just yet.

    Do you girls make much money from it?

    charlie x
  • Hi Charlie,

    As far as what you make out of it I always tell people its the sort of thing that the more you put i the more you get out of it. I know last month I made the equvilent of what I would count to be a very good part time wage out of it.

    If you have the spare cash this is a fantastic time of year to join with xmas coming up. As far as special offers on the kit go I usually run a few special offers & incentives of my own. If you want to email me [email protected] I will give you details of these & if you have any questions feel free to ask

    Hilary x
  • Hi Charlie

    I started with Usborne just in September but am already finding it a fab little earner - I am a teacher 2 days a week and now Usborne is earning me the same each month as my teaching does which I think is VERY good going!

    ??38 may seem a lot but it is nothing whne you consider that is all you need to spend to set up your OWN business!!!! As Hilary said it is a FANTASTIC time to sign up as you can get friends and family to get all their Christmas Presents through you and then it will be world book day early next year so you can get involved in schools for that and they are big spenders!

    Usborne is fantastic as you can make as much or as litle as you like from it as there are NO targets at all! I am always growing my team and looking for new members. Again I maybe able to cut you a deal on your starter kit. If you are interested have a look on my website or email me [email protected] and I'll answer any queries! image
  • hiya thanks craftycharli

    I think ??38 is a good price, i just dont have it spare at the moment and probably wont have for a few weeks.i will have a look at your site aswell in a little while. I am really keen to start up but just cant comeup with the money right now.

    charlie x
  • Charlie092 - Totally understand the money problem as that was the whole reason I started Usborne. PLease drop me an email as I maybe able to do you a deal to get your starter kit for LESS than ??38 - it is normally possible. Email me and we can see what we can do - even if you aren't sure just yet! image
  • Sent you a reply Charlie!
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