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Flexi Working Request.....

has been declined and the company I work for are telling me there are no vacancies to meet my needs, so basically I have to go back to my role on a full time basis. We just can't afford for me to not be working.
I've been crying about this for the last 2 days as I really don't want to be away from lo for all that time, I'd really hoped I could work 3 days not 5.
Lo will be with childminder for 3 days and OH for 2 days but I'm worried lo will feel neglected by me. I have absolutely no desire to return to work full time, I'm dreading it and I don't go back till March.
Have any of you ladies got any positive stories about working full time and managing a healthly home life?
We are planning to start trying from baby no2 soon so I'm hoping not to be back at work for too long, but even that isn't helping make me feel any better.


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