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Hi new to this- flexible working!?Childminders/nurseries!?!?

OMG we have decided to start trying for a baby, am still in shock.. lol!

So much to research and think about... all very exciting and scary!

So much that i dont know about and suddently making sense of it all....

I work for a Local Council at the moment, full time, flexible working so can make up hours or tae hours off etc....

i could go for a senior position but would lose my flexi working hours and would only be paid a little bit more. I think it would make sense to stay at the level i am so that i could use flexi when i eventually go back after maternity leave. What do you think? Would flexi still apply if i go back 3 days a week?

I know that one of the other women works 2 days in the office and half a day at home. Ideally i would like to work 2 days in the office and 1 dy at home.

My hubby works shifts so his often off some days during the week and sometimes would be home from lunchtime or not leave for work till 1 etc. Would a childminder be the best option so that we can have the flexibility? Seems silly to put the baby in nursary for a whole day if my hubby could pick baby up say at 2pm? Have heard that nurseries are not flexible at all!? But that childminders are? We could give lots of notice....

Phew!!! Lol lots of questions, any help/answers much appreciated!
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