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I Won My Work Appeal!!!

Hey ladies

I just wanted to say, that if you are having problems getting work to accept your flexible working request, it maybe worth appealing. I requested to go back 3 days either part-time or job share. I was flat-out refused and basically told that I had to work full time or nothing., despite me trying to negotiate and offering various other options to my original request! I was gutted. Luckily I spoke to my Union representative and he advised me to appeal. I did lodge the appeal and, on advice, went along to the next meeting, thouroughly prepared, with lots of documentation, contracts, job advert, Policy Documents etc. It turned out that I didn't need them. The next manager up, was happy to give me a job share arrangement for 2.5 days a week each and she said so at the start of the meeting, so I agreed and it was a short meeting!!

I just wanted to say that sometimes, its worth fighting, as it may just be one "small-minded" person behind the decision. I don't feel nearly as scared and upset about going back to work and, as I lodged my request early, I still have 3 months with my little man where I don't have to worry!

Kate xx


  • Well done Kate! A really inspiring story. I work a job-share too with another Mum and it's a great arrangement. Hope it works as well for you as it has for me x
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