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Cheeky madam has asked for my job!

Found out that one of the teachers in my keystage has gone to the head and asked if they could have some of my responsibilites!!!!!! The cheeky madam! I am responsible for ks1/fs and this teacher works in my keystage. I am in total shock. She has only been there for 5 months and is so sneaky! She doesn't know I know and I have a meeting with the teachers next week about harvest festival. I really want to say to her I know what she is up to and she can pack it in! The deputy has gone mad over this and has really had words with the head about the cheek of this woman. I am due back to work soon and I find it really odd how she has done it now and not when I first left to start my maternity leave.

I know I have to go back to the same job and all that and I know that the head wouldn't give her my job - she couldn't. I just feel a bit crap right now thinking someone has done this behind my back. It makes me think what else has she done while I've been away. Last I heard the head was thinking of inventing a position of manangement for her - a joke when we all had to be interviewed and do a presentation to get our management roles.

Sorry for the rant but needed to get it off my chest.



  • Hiya
    What a cheeky cow! Especially doin it behind ur back she obviously knows that its a really sneaky thing to do, and feels guilty or she wouldn't b doin it while ur not there
    As for havin a role invented for her thats really unfair, it really annoys me when ppl get stuff handed to them on a plate and other ppl have to work really hard for it
    U rant away!!
  • hee hee - maybe when you go back you can keep your job, your pay scale and your position but start delegating some of the more menial tasks to her - that would serve her right!!!!
  • I think that's a fab idea! Lol. Feeling much better about it all now!
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