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what can i do and when??????

hi i have a 22 month old son and i worked part time doing full time hrs for a long time im now going full time and im not looking forward to it as ive got to spend so much time with him and now i feel like im going to miss so much i have a plan at what i can do to spend quality time with him the things i have come up with are bath time as he loves the bath and then maybe bed time but i need ideas for in the day if i have to work weekends then his dad will have him which wioll be nice for the two of them we do go and feed the ducks alot so thats always a good trip out but im looking for other ideas and for all weather hope someone can help as im going to miss so much and id like to also be able to teach him things so need ideas
plz post any that you do with your lo's
thank you


  • Hiya
    I've jst started full time and like u was feeling guilty bout not spending enuf time with lo and wanting to make the time we do spend together special. So i've been leaving housework and stuff til she's napping or has gone to bed 4 the nite so i can spend lots of quality time, playing with her toys and reading her books and lots of cuddles. I've also jst signed up for sing and sign which starts soon so am lookin forward to that.
    I suppose as ur son is a bit older u could do arts and crafts and things like that with him
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