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i want to work....pls advise!!!

hey all, im really stuck in a rut here and wud appreciate ne type of advice and help. uve probably noticed me around always asking for help in getting me a job, but im really getting stressed out here now.
i feel like a failure for not doin wat ive always wanted to do, make a career and do sumat for myself aswell as bring up a family, unfortunetly ive done the bring up a family part, but not nething for myself part, now 7 years of marriage and 3 kids later i REALLY want to get a job for wat i worked so hard for at uni, Hons in biomedical science but with 3 kids now, and 8 years after having graduated, i just dont know where to start......
being working mums out there i was hoping for some kind of plan, or advice? i just cant figure out wat to do with the wee ones if i do get a job. preferably i wud want to work part time, just to get myself on my feet and for it not to be a too drastic change for my kids, but i dont think theres much chance of part time vacancies for the area that i want to work for so il have to make do a full time job, for a year atleast, so are there ne suggestions on how to go about looking for child care, all under the same roof for a 6 year old whos in primary 1, a 4 year old who is in nursery and a 1 year old who is at home with me full time? is there neway to juggle a full time job and 3 kids? my OH will only be supportive if he knows the kids will be taken care of appropriately if i get a job, but when i dont know how i wud arrange childcare for all 3 then how can i expect him to understand that itll turn out alrite?
i start looking for jobs but then get overwhelmed and put my desires aside to concentrate on the kids, but then i get depressed becos im not doing nething for just in this vicious circle and i want to get out and get a taste for real life, working for real money, and not being put down as a free housewife and cleaner.

like i said please advice!!!!


  • I think a childminder would be your best bet for childcare - if you can find one with 3 places who can keep your youngest all day, and pick up the other 2 from nursery and school. That way they'll all be together and it might be an easier transition for them. It would be expensive though so it depends how big a salary you'd be expecting in your chosen field I guess.
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