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Need some help ladies


Im not a mummy yet but i have a question and i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

I have two part time jobs both where i dont earn enough to get maternity pay. Im literally only an hour away in both jobs from getting it.

Ive tried looking things up online but cant find anything in direct gov, i just want to know if id get two sets of pay from the govt or if id be able to get anymore benefits because of this.

Thank you ladies.

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  • I have no idea hun sorry but I would be inclined to say that if you dont qualify for mat pay through the work, thats called company maternity pay (CMP) and statutory maternity pay (SMP) although paid through your work, comes straight from the government.

    If the reason you dont qualify is due to hours and not how long you have been there, youll qualify for SMP but only once, so only one employer.

    If you dont qualify because you havent been working there long enough, you apply for your mat pay through your nearest jobcentre - I THINK

    either way hun, youll only get one SMP

    hope that helps image xx
  • Thank you,thats very kind of you and has cleared alot up.
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