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new role same employer

hello hope someone can help, im going to do my nurse training in apr and when i qualify ill get a nurse job i am been seconded from my current employer so will be paid through my training(lucky me) i want to know how long it will be before i get maternity pay in my new job as i dont want to have maternity pay on my current role when i can wait a while and get more as a trained nurse it will be the sam employer different role does this matter???? it wont be for a while but id like to know?????


  • Hi ,
    From what I understand you need to be employed by the same employer at the start of pregnancy up to 26 wks pregnancy before you qualify for SMP. If you change employer before this you will prob qualify for maternity allowance only. I don't know if you will have specifics in your contract over and above mimimum statutory SMP. If not basic SMP rules apply. I think in terms of your salary change they base the 90% as an average over so many weeks pay ( not sure how many though). Try the DWP website for more guidance.
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