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When should I tell them?

I am starting my Mat leave early due to poor health. I am starting it on the 7th Feb I was just wondering when do I inform Tax credits? I currently claim the child element of it and not the working. My partner only brings home ??180 per week so would need as much help as possible. Do I tell them as soon as my Mat leave starts but then I have no idea how much I am going to be getting on Mat leave!? So confused.

Maz x


  • Hi Maz, sorry I really don't know, but I would give them a ring because they can probably advise you, also they may know your tax situation and they may be able to calculate how much mat pay you'll get.
    Are you getting smp or contractual? My firm told me that they will give me a paper detailing how much I'll be entitled to while on contractual mat pay.
    Hope you feel better soon and have a healthy little boy!
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