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going to uni..... but problem

hi well firstly im excited i got into uni to study nursing and im soooooooo proud of myself!!!
i work full time hours over a 3 day week at the mo but i will have to do full time when i start uni, for this i was fully prepard id spoke to my child minder and we had agreed on arrangements and i was happy....
until today when i get a text saying she is giving me notice till 1st april i am gutted i have come up with a short term soloution but now i have to find another it will be the 4th person to look after him in 12 months hes a good boy and i could cry i feel so sorry for him although he adapts well to change and doesnt cling onto us. i had also got a good financial arrangement as i will be a student i'll be on no wage!!!!
im scared!!!!
im now going to have to go through all the childminders again and do all the checks again which doesnt bother me that much i need to know hes safe!!!!
any advice ladies ive looked into a nursery but its expensive a liitle to expensive at the mo

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  • hi im currently studying nursing and we are only in 1 day a week on this block, next block it is 3 half days and then the next 5 weeks is 5 weeks,fulltime placement.
    have you spoken to your uni and asked them how many days they expect you in? when do you start? also are you doing the degree or Advanced national diploma? if its degree you can apply for a loan that you dont pay back until nyou are earning over 15k (think its interest free but not too sure) and if its higher national diploma you should start recieving a bursirey but you have to apply for this, ask the uni they will help you (and thats for about ??500 a month,plus you will get help with travel money too)
    with the nursery, some unis have nurseries so might be worth asking them. my daughter goes to a pre-school and she loves it. also have you told tax credits about you studying as you might be able to claim more tax credits and help towards nursery fees
    good luck with your corse xx
  • hi well im doing it through work secondement so i will have my salary but minus the extras and ive lookad at childcare and its really expensive they are going to charge me about ??80 more a month im not sure i can do that???
  • im on secondment too, and can work an extra 10.5 hours a week which gives me about ??150 extra ontop of secondment money.
    would it be an option for you to work 1 shift a week to give you ??150 extra a month which would pay for child care?
    i know its an arse about face way of doing it, working more to pay for child care but i find its the only way really as its not very often people get seconded from my hospital.
    i would still speak to the uni and see what they say, i expect they get asked about child care alot.
    good luck x
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