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Working full time and being a single parent

I am currently in a situatin where I am studying for a degree via OU, starting full time work soon and am looking at the concept of being a single parent. I have a partner at the moment but the relationship is a little rocky and I have this anxiety about what happens if he leaves me? How do I balance full time work and looking after my baby?

I had my own business which failed due to the recession and there being a very large amount of competition in this area, then when I became pregnant I decided to close the business as it was fallng into debt and find a full time job and return to University to finish my law degree. I have been applying for work and have been supported by family and freelancing but work contracts are getting few and far between and I have been scammed big style twice (there are too many work from home scams out there and some I pre warn look so legit). So, the situation is this, I am planning to work up until I am due then return at about 6 to 8 months after the birth, maybe sooner depending upon the family situation.

My OH is out of work and is looking at finding full time which will be shift work as he refuses to do any other job than care work. Of course, if he were working I could do part time and it would be less of a problem. However if we split or he doesnt work then I have to work full time.

Thing is at the current moment I have a high cost of living due to outgoings and paying off former business debts. I am needing to personally make over 1000 a month to just "live" as my rent and council tax are already pretty high. I have no family in the area that i can live with and I also have a 3 yr old whom I share custody of with my ex husband.

I would like some advice off anyone who works full time and is a single parent, advice on child care, costs, what to do if you cant afford a child minder etc... Im becoming increasingly over stressed about it.
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