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Evenings such a rush!

I work full time and find juggling rolls very tricky! My evening's are always so rushed! Cooking and enjoying time with the family is always so exhausting! What do you use to maximise time? A few play date mates have iphones and follow Nigella and Jamie Oliver. I don't have one though image One friend has just told me about Spoonfed Suppers - does the same thing but by email. Have any of you heard of it? Is it any good?


  • I love this site. Super useful and free. I probably cook three of the meals a week and they always turn out great - varied, tasty. It's great that you don't have to think about what you put in your mouth as they are all calorie and fat counted - but not rabbit portions at all! I do have iphone and have used Jamie Oliver's recipes but found a couple of times that they take much longer than the stated 20mins. I can't say anything about Nigella's as I have not tried yet. But SS always comes under 30 mins and it's based around this cool fictional 50s housewife. Just a bit of fun really.:lol:
  • I also work full time and evenings are def a rush, I'm lucky cos we're lving with my parents at the moment so my mum will quite often do tea however the days she doesn't are definately tricky i try to do thinkgs I can make the night before like chilli, bolgnaise stew etc. We're moving into our own place soon and we've bought a slow cooker so that we can put it on in the morning b4 we go to work and then tea will be ready when we come in, I'm hoping it'll help make things a little less rushed.

    I've never heard of spoonfed suppers might have a look tho.

    There def need to be more hours in the day! x
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