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how far in advance should i organise childcare?

I might be thinking too far in advance here, but when did you organise your childcare when returning to work? I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant, just started maternity leave, and am planning on returning to work part-time in December. In your experiences, how much before going back to work do you need to start contacting nurseries/ childminders etc?

Thanks :\)


  • Hiya i've chosen to usea childminder, prefer it to nursery, I found her after 2 days of lookin, so was quite lucky! I had allowed my self bout a month. With nurseries i think sum have waitin lists and stuff so mite need to get in touch with them a bit earlier if u want a nursery. Try ringin sum nurseries or childminders and seein wot they suggest.

    Good luck!
  • Hey,
    Well my lo is 8 months old and we've been looking for childcare since Decemeber and I don't go back till June.
    The one perfect place said I should have put lo down on the waiting list when we were first pregnant!!! Didin't occur to me at all but at least I can say to you have a look while you're on maternity leave.
    I always think word of mouth is best, the place I love doesn't advertise but one of our neighbours told us about it.
    There is a website that you can put your post code in and it comes up with all the nurseries, child minders etc so you can weigh up the pros and cons.
    Totally wish I'd got meself organised earlier so good luck with finding childcare and the rest of your pregnacy.
    Look forward to hearing all about your lo over in the Baby forum soon'ish.x
  • thanks for the advice! Best get thinking then..
  • i started looking about 2 months before and luckliy found perfect nursery after looking at only one!
    i do know we were lucky to get in to this one but no harm putting your names down on waiting list you dont have to take them up.

    Good luck! with lnext few wks!xx
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