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so unhappy!

hi all
have recently started full time work in a nursery and i hate it!
my daughter has just turned 2 and i miss her so much that i spend my day at work on the edge of tears. the staff there are, im sure very good at their job, but they dont handle things in ways that maybe the parents would like, as they dont have children themselves and they are very young.
im finding it really hard, and i have been off today on doctors recommendations with a viral infection. he told me that it could be contagious but when i spoke to y boss today, who has medical background, she didnt seem to believe me!
please help, i go to work crying my eyes out, and come home crying my eyes out. i cant take this anymore!
thanks guys


  • you poor thing - this sounds awful! Could your daughter not have a place at the nursery where you are and would this help? It sounds like the job is really getting to you. Is there anyway you could find somewhere else or maybe go part-time and pick up other hours somewhere else?
    i really feel for you because its horrible when you are so unhappy at work which is such a major part of your life. Hope you get this sorted - best of luck x
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