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1 week to go until I go back to work! I'm not ready!!!

It seems to have been 1 bad thing after another since xmas with my LO. He is now 5 months and at 4 months had a complete routine change which took me until he decided to change again until I got used to it and then had to immediately get used to another routine. He sometimes feeds really well, sometimes is not interested at all, and caught a cold 4 weeks ago and is still suffering with a chesty cough so is on anti-biotics and now has diarrhoea and sickness so has to come off the anti-biotics and my doc said he might be lactose intolorant...I don't feel like I have settled into motherhood yet and am dreading going back to work and handing him over to the nursery and saying, errrr he doesn't have a routine and I have no idea what he wants....

I have no choice, I have to go back to work. I'm hoping that things will get easier but I just feel all over the place so I'm sure my LO does too....

Any positive words of wisdom welcome!



  • Don't worry hun! A week b4 i went back to work my lo was point blank refusin to take a bottle. I got so stressed out and it ruined my last week at home with lo tbh, so try not to get too stressed bout it and enjoy ur time with lo. It doesn't really matter if ur lo doesn't have a routine, my lo only has a vague sorta routine.

    Sorry its not much help, but just thought i'd let u no ur not alone in feelin totally unprepared to go back to work

    Good luck goin back to work
  • Hi my LO started nursery at 9 months I have to admit she was very good baby and had quite a good routine. I think everybody dreads leaving them to return to work, the night before I started back I cried all night and cried when I left her. The nursery were really good and our one had a rountine even for checking nappies they were great. I know how you feel but I think it was the best thing we ever did Emily has come on leaps and bounds she loves nursery, unfortunatley we have to take her out as I'm now on maternity leave awaiting number 2 and we can't afford to keep her in even part time as I'm not working. Good luck and although the first couple of days are hard it is worth it.

    Claire x
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