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When do you book a place at daycare?

Hi all

I know this may sound a bit over-organised! (Especially at 7am on a sunday morning! Dont you love morning sickness!) When do you need to book a place at nursery if you're planning on going back to work? I work around 15miles from home and hubby is S/E so can work anywhere but more local to home, so we have already decided which nursery we like (and ofsted have agreed its one of the best in area - told u i was organised!)

I am taking mat. leave from 35weeks to when baby is 6months old so do i need to 'book' a place early? When did you all do this?

Thanks for the help,

H x x x


  • My lo is 11 weeks old and have just had to reserve him a space for when i go back to work next april. I think it depends how big and busy your nursery is.
    Minw is in a small village which has only 7 baby spaces.
    Be prepared to put a deposit down- mine asks for ??100 to reserve a space!!!
  • Thanks Gem
    I posted in Baby as well for some responses. Our nursery is a little bigger with 52 places but as its not from from Derby it does get busy. I phoned them this afternoon and deposit is only ??40. image
    Thanks for your help h x
  • I agree - book asap if you know when going back and when you need then do it. In my area real shortage - only 1 nursery always full and a shortage of chilminders too- even all the preschools get booked up. Good luck xx
  • I have just been told there's a year's waiting list and to put our name down now. Only 12 weeks at the moment!
  • Im so glad im not the only organised one! When i told my mum she was a little worried how over-keen i was but when i explained how quick they can book up she did understand. I'd hate to not get my first choice for LO and feel we were sending him/her to somewhere not quite as good.
    If Im going back f/t then i wanna know he/she is being looked after at the best place we can get.
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