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Hi All,
Posted this on older children but found this forum, hope someone can help.
I would really appreciate any advice re. childcare. I'm hoping to return to work part time in September. I'm a teacher, so pretty tied to specific hours. I have 3 children, 5,3 and 10 months, so all at fairly different stages. My mum has looked after older 2 but I feel it's time she enjoyed being grandma and they are quite a formidable bunch when all together. I have used 2 local nurseries and have been very happy but they are now all at very different stages ie school, nursery in am and baby. I've read about all sorts of childcare, breakfast clubs, child minder etc but I would really appreciate any advice/ information on how to do it. I really am struggling. I'm hoping baby can go to nursery but unsure how to organize/handle any other type of childcare. I would love to hear how any other Mums/Dads have organized it!!!

Tracy xxx


  • Hi

    I have just returned to work following the birth of my second baby, now 15months. This time I have employed a part-time nanny as it enables my older child to attend all of her pre-school sessions, whilst also settling in at the local school which she will start at Christmas. A nanny can do all the activities you would do, and she comes to your home so no stressful rushing around in the mornings. It is a little more expensive but not much more than sending two children to a day nursery, with three children it should work out to be a cheaper option as you pay by the hour regardless of how many children you have.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Angie,
    thanks for your reply. That sounds like a great idea for me. I will look into it as I am still not sorted and will be returning to work during September/October.
    Tracy x
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