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Stay at home dads?

Hello am a newbie to the site an have been navigating looking for inforand advise etc
Was wondering what people's thoughts are on stay at home dads?
im the main earner and in the forces so not even sure as to what time ill get off etc, but doubt that we would be able to afford massive childcare bills so was thinking he would have to stay at home.....
I know ill prob miss out on things but i figure rather him experience those things than a stranger?

Anyone's opinions would be great, not sure if its putting too much on him, tho he says he would be fine with it, or whether its fine to reverse the roles so to speak..


  • With my first lo my oh was a stay at home Dad as like you I am the main wage earner. I knew he'd be fine but as a bit of a control freak I was still a bit worried but it turned out he was an absolute natural at it. He did some things differently to how I might have done but that was probably a good thing - for example he didn't like using the pram so took her everywhere in the baby carrier and so would talk to her constantly, proper talk as well not silly baby talk and as a result she has got an excellant vocabulary and is really good at communicating and since she started school in September she is doing really well.
    He was also a lot more laid back than me, when weaning her I would get very stressed if she wouldn't eat but he was just so much more chilled out about it and so where my stress was passing on to her and making her worse with him she was trying things in her own time and very soon had a really good varied diet.

    We are due our 2nd in a couple of days and again I will go back to work after 6 months and he will do most of the childcare again. If we could afford it I would love to be a stay at home mum and am quite jealous of him but until we win the lottery we just do out best and it works out pretty well for us and I'm sure will for you as well.

    Also he was always texting me and sending me photos on the mobile of any little cute thing she did - a child minder would probably not do that, so I didn't feel too left out. And it turned out he was pretty good at housework too so when I was at home I was able to spend quality time with lo and not be stressing about cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

    As for reversing the roles, I think these day its fairly common and certainly he never had any negative comments about it (at least not that I know of).

    Sarah 39+3

  • Thank you Sarah so much image
    Has totally put my mind at rest and nice to know there are people out there in my situation making it excited nowimage
    Thanks again hun and enjoy your new arrival
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