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Maternity Rights & a Bully Boss

Maternity Rights & a Bully Boss

Hello just asking for a bit of advice from the working mums on
Maternity rights, I'm due my first child this July and
I currently work fulltime 8-5pm for my employer of 11 years.
It's a small business and I'm the accounts payroll manager,
no one else does my job or covers me for time off,
I told my boss in January I was expecting and did mention
helping to reduce costs by me taking work home or working one day a week.
Ideally I'd like to work up to the end of June then take
2 weeks annual holidays then start my SMP leave
from mid July to December
Returning back to my fulltime position on January 1st 2011

My boss is trying to save money and reduce costs
He's suggested I go part time now so he can employ a part timer
To learn my job then cover me while I'm off
He can save money on me if I'm part time now
as he can pay someone less than half my salary

I don't want to be pushed into going part time as I'll
Lose pay, annual hol's, bank hol's and would my maternity rights be affected?

Can a boss reduce your hours & pay and then employ someone to do your job?
I don't think they can but would like any advice you can give,

Ive got my 20 wk scan coming up so I'm going to put in Writing again
my intended maternity leave dates and state I wish to return back to my position

thank-you for listening .


  • Hiya, just to say he can't force you to go part time. SMP is quite complicated, will reply fully from home (I'm at work, shouldn't be reading thisimage but didn't want to read and run, poor you, hope you are ok. xx
  • Hiya, me again image

    if you were to go part time you're maternity rights may be affected. You will be entitled to 6 weeks at 90% of your average weekly earnings. The average weekly earning is determined by reference to the last 8 weeks before the qualifying week, which is 15 weeks before your due date. So to be entitled to full pay SMP, you will need to have been working full time for at least 8 weeks when you are about 25 weeks pg if that makes sense?

    Also remember that you are entitled to all your benefits ( except pay of course) during your maternity leave, so if you go part time some of these may also be cut. You will accrue normal holidays during your leave, which you normally can take at the end.

    Whether your boss gets cover for your maternity leave and how he will deal with it is not your problem. He is probably trying to save himself costs as he wants you and this other person to work at the same time so that you can train him or her, but without having to pay you both.

    My advice would be not to give in, even if you wanted to return part time after your baby.

    Also, check your contract for any contractual maternity rights you may be entitled to. Most of these should also be available if you were part time, but of course their amount will be reduced.

    If you are prepared to do so, you could offer to your employer to use your "keep in touch days" to provide support to your temporary replacement. You can work up to 10 days which don't have to be consecutive, and which can be used for any purpose. You will get paid for it( this must be agreed with your employer) but it won't affect your smp ( although your smp for each KIT day may be offset against the payment for the KIT day).

    Sorry I've written a whole essay any question please shoutimage
  • Thank you minnie
    I have revised my letter and handed it in yday after my 20 week scan, I deleted my proposed return to work date as I cannot image yet how ill feel about fulltime or part-time, I just felt like he was pushing me too soon and ill regret losing out on money if I turn part time now, im capable so he should appreciate that im not off sick every other day, ive also said I wish to work fulltime up to 12 july then take my annual holidays so I have clearly said I wish to remain fulltime and not part time, I just see what he says and hopefully he'll just organise temp cover and not try to shaft me xx thanks again xx

  • Sounds to me like he's just trying to cut costs on paying out your SMP. Stick to your guns. He can't force you to work less hours. But you can still take your annual leave before you go - this won't impact your SMP as they calculate the average over a two month period before your maternity leave starts.
  • You're welcome! I'm glad you didn't feel pressured into agreeing something you weren't sure about.

    Hope you enjoyed your 20 week scan, mine's next week, I can't wait! image
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