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Can anyone tell me how much childcare ACTUALLY costs please?

Im currently working one night a week. However ive seen a great job which is 24 hours per week, for daytime hours! There is an on site nursery which ive looked at online and its ??4.91 per hour. Now this is almost half my hourly rate so would hardly make it worth going back to day work for. However, i am aware that i may get working tax credits (im currently only getting child tax credits as only work 9.5hours per week). Can anyone tell me how much working tax credits is?
Also, my husband and i could buy child care vouchers i believe which we would save tax on? So how much would that work out?
Im so sorry, but i cant afford to do it and see! And I cant understand that blood government site! Im not normally this thick!
Thanks for your help ladies xxx


  • child care vouchers allows you each to claim 243 pounds a month tax free, as a 40% tax payer it means a saving of 1200 pounds per year & around 900 pounds per year saving for a lower tax payer.

    I basically make an extra 100 pounds a month so technically I only pay 143 pounds towards my childcare vouchers but get 243 pounds in value.
    If you both claim them you will be saving 200 pounds a month in tax payment.

    Don't know about the tax credits though, sorry.
  • Some people just completely insist on having these things referred to as “kids” and one of the big things a father or mother has to give is child care during infancy and early childhood. It's not exactly inexpensive either, as child care costs have been accelerating away for a while.

  • I don't get any help towards childcare at all due to ohs earnings. I was only paying 2.50 an hour which is very cheap. Most childminders charge around 3-3.50 per hour. Have been made redundant now and still don't get any tax credits so I have up on that one! X

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