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Considering major career change - advice needed

OK, where to start.... my ds is 14 months and I have been back at work since June, pt (I do three days), I work as a trainer in financial services and the role has changed so much since I was there before I had lo and to cut a long story short I just don't really enjoy it anymore! I've alwasy wanted to be a midwife and since going through childbirth and numerous complications after (and still!) its made me want to do it even more...

I've spoken to careers advice line today and they have given me the following info...

That my three a levels (200 points worth) should be acceptable unless the specific uni want a science one included otherwise I'll need to do an access course! Hope not! That my tuition fees will be paid by nhs, I should qualify for a bursery of between ??2500 and ??4000pa, 50% of a student loan (at ??2000 pa) and a parents learning allowance of ??1500 pa.... as well as poss discounts of council tax etc!

I guess I just wanted any info at all from anyone that has done or is doing this and how you found it... financially, childcare wise etc etc???

How will this affect my CTC too, do the burseries/loans etc count as income for child tax assessments!?!?!

Its a massive decision and I just want to completely research it to death before deciding to give up my job of 10 years! It would mean I drop in income I'm sure so not sure how to manage that but keep reading more and more about vaious burseries etc so hoping they will be of some use!

My dh is unsure about it all, he's worried about finances, and work life balance etc... as well as having more children, how would that fit in! Not that he is against it - just making sure i consider eveything I guess!

It just feels like such a minefield and I would need to be 1000% sure I was doing the right thing.... trouble is the more I read the more I want to do it and I'm worried I'll get my hopes ruined if my qulaiifcations aren't enough to go directly to the degree...

Sorry to ramble - but HELP!

Amy x


  • Hi i am currently an adult nurse. I have a couple of friends who are student midwifes and they both had to try 3 years in a row to get onto the course. Numbers are very limited. When I thought about starting uni i rang my local uni and asked them how to go about it and money ect they were very helpful so i would suggest ringing them. my local uni for 2010 you need 260 ucas points which must include sinece. have you had a look online at local uni, they have all info on there about course and requiremets.
    Also you have to apply throguh UCAS first and its up to them if you can go to uni before any uni will consider an applicant.
    good luck, hope it all goes well xx
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