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stay at home dads

I'm currently working in a full time job which is well paid. My Oh is struggling to find work at the moment altho he really does want to work (I'm sure he' not the only one going through this at the moment) I always wanted to be a stay at home mum, at least for the first year, but the way thing's are looking I've recently been thinking maybe we could do it the other way round and I could return to full time work while he stays at home with the baby.

Anyone else on here in this situation? I'd love to know how you deal with it! I know he'd be brilliant as he had sole custody of his other daughter for best part of a year so he know's what he's doing.

It's not ideal as I'd love to be the one who stays at home but it's unlikely he'll get a job which pays as well as mine!


  • We have a 22 month old boy. Since 9 months old he's had dad at home 3 days a week and me for 2, all together at weekend. We love it. I work more as I earn more but we both get the best of both, I don't feel like I've left my baby, I also enjoy my job. Dad is SOO involved and quite the star in the local park and at mum n toddler group. We're really lucky to be able to juggle it like this, we both have understanding employers.

    Hope you find an equally happy solution.
  • i will be returning to work as its a job i love and the benefits far out weigh anything else however much id like to be a full time mum for the first couple of years i know this option is the best option especially as my o/h works from home so it suits us i do worry as its our first child but i work close by so that will help
  • Thanks for your stories and experiences. it would be an easier decision if i really loved my job but unfortunately i don't. The money's just really good. we'll have to see how things go. I doubt i'd be able to go part time here either altho I do like that idea
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