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Any1 else self employed?...

Hi Girls!

Is anyone else self employed and worried about how they are going to cope for money during maternity leave? I am only able to take a month off at most and needing to save up as much as poss to cover bills etc for when im off, my hubbie has a good wage, but not enough to support us both. Its really worrying me. Is there anything i can claim for etc? Any tips would be fab!

Sharon 17+5 x


  • hi, i am self employed. you can claim maternity allowance from jobcentre. If you have a small earnings exemption cert for national insurance then you get ??30 a week if you pay national insurance (and you have paid enough) then you get ??117 a week.

    Lisa x
  • Yep I am self employed as well and we have just started TTC it is a bit worrying however when is there ever a good time to have a baby?! I am not letting the current credit crisis situation stop us from our furture plans. x
  • I'm self employed and will start to claim maternity allowance next month. You can get an application book from the job centre, it has gone up to ??123/per week I think for 39 weeks. They also allow you to work for 10 days to keep your business going. Its not much but better than nothing! x
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