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What do you think!?

Hiya All, just need a few opinions on this please!! Also posted on pg forum!
Right...bit of background, i'm an accountant for a small company & absolutley love my job, it means alot to me & pride myself in it! Ok, my baby is due in Jan, i intend to take 6 months off, but i am realising although they are going to get cover for key areas in my job, there are other ares which will be 'left' till i return! so, i am going to ask my boss that after 2 months that i can come in 2 days a month just to get some of the jobs i know will be left!
nowi know it is only 2 days a month, but should i be worried about leaving my lo for 2 days a month after 8 weeks? She'll be with my mum or her daddy...i'm just worried that i won't cope not being with her? but i need to do this for my career! On the big plus point is that this will therefore give us the eqivilent of 2 weeks a month smp extra for just 2 days a month!! which may mean i can take more time off than 6 months
Do you think i should go for it?
Thanks L x x


  • Personally I don't know how it works but I would say go for it. Sounds good to me. Your lo will be fine after 8 weeks. They will be with someone who cares and love them and also it will be good for you to get a bit of a break although you will be working. 2 days a month is nothing really and I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  • hi hun

    2 days a month is nothing - and your lo will be fine. probably will be easier to leave her than than when she is a bit older, plus it will ease you back into full time without it being too much of a shock to the system. You will also get some aldult company and have a sense of achievement so I really would go for it! good luck, whatever you decide! (plus it will do your oh good to look after her/him and realise its not as easy as it looks! lol!)
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