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1st week back at work

and it hasnt been too traumatic!im just sooo tired its awful. its as bad as those 1st few weeks after he was born. i just hate my job and the woman who made my life so bad i took a month sick before mat leave started is so far up my bum its creepy. shes such a bitch. after we get wed im lookin for another job-not sure what doin. il sleep tonight and hope lo sleeps in.fat chance. anyone who has been here please tell me this tiredness does go eventually?xxx


  • I'm on wk 2 of work and so far don't feel any less tired.
    I also hate my job and right now I'm hanging on in there for redundancy with any luck.
    I just feel like any spare time I ahve is organising things for the next day, getting food ready, looking out work clothes. How am I ever supposed to do any cleaning ?
    How are you getting on now ? S x
  • I started back a few weeks and finding it hard image Working full time and studying with OU so once she's in bed i then have to study.

    baby is only 20 weeks now but my husband was made redundant so had to go back early.

    Plus i'm still BF and sometimes she refuses a morning feed so then have to get out my pump and express off.

    Feels like i never left work. keep telling myself it will get easier x

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