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Twins. Want to stay in work. Help with benefits please.

My wife an i earn about ??40,000.
We currently rent in S.E. London
We would have to pay childminders but would like to stay in work if possible.
Can anyone in the same situation help me with what we can calim and how much this would be a week.
The money worries are starting already.


  • You can try tax credits website it gives you a rough idea how much you would or could get try this link

    I work ful time and have 3 children and get 80% of my childminders fees paid for, if i didnt get these tax credits i would not be able to work.
    Hope this helps.
  • If you contct your local CAB office they will help - or your health visitor. But you can claim tax creditsas above, you can claim child benefit, and you can also get the tax free child care vouchers through your employers - you can both claim these, the tax savings will lessen the childcare costs. Otherwise i'm not much help - sorry.
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