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hi just wondered if anyone else is mad enough to do this?
i have a 14 month old son, i work for the nhs as a rehab assistant the opportunity to do my nurse training came up and i went for it, i got it and start uni in apr 09 by then my son will be 22 months i have a good childminder and the set up is good but im wondering if anyone else is planning to study while having little ones? i know its going to be hard but hopefully it wont be to bad my oh works regular hours so that should be better im also going to have to do bank shifts to make up my money but i'll cross that bridge when it comes to it, any advice would be good, X


  • HI,

    You're not alone. I plan to sit my final accountancy exams next June. Fortunately with the extension of maternity pay to 39 weeks paid it will make it much easier. I plan to be able to put lo into nursey/ with gran at least one day so I can use the time to study.

    Hope all goes well for you! Good luck.
  • Hi Lychees,
    Hope all goes well for you. I'm giving myself til June next year to sit them. I know I won't have full drive to sit them in Dec. You mjust be really conscientious!! Good luck!
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