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first pregnancy and refused company maternity pay

hiya everyone,

thats rght
i have been refused maternity pay from my work..i think i have to get metrniaty allowance from the job centre???

what else could i be eligible for??
i dont understand all these credits or benefits?
someone explain in plain english please.



  • sorry I don't know the answer but have you been for your first scan yet? When I went, I was given a mini ringbinder and CD rom with Financial Info for parents to be. I'm sure you will get one because it was a government thing. I would look in mine for you but I recycled it in disgust after looking through and seeing that I wasn't going to get any help with anything despite being, like you, a tax payer.

    good luck.
  • What reason are you not getting maternity? As long as it is a legal reason then I would call the citizens advice & they will be able to direct you. And if it isn't a legal reason the citizens advice can help you there too.
  • Think the only reasons they can refuse it is you haven't worked there long enough or if u haven't earnt enough in the qualyfying weeks. This happened to me and I had to get mat allowance. I just went and spoke to someone at the job centre and they went through everything I was entitled to and gave me all the necessary forms. They were really helpful so could be a suggestion to call there or citizens advice as they will also tell u exactly what ur entitled too x
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