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i have a 20 month old so n who has been goin to a child minder she then gave me notice and gave up i have paid her up to date and she is now saying i never paid her i dont have reciept but i never had reciepts for any of the money she gave me?? i never actually signed a contract with her either can anyone help me sheis threating to take legal action??????????????


  • without a contract there isn't much she or you can do but I would speak with the CAB about reporting her as she shouldn't be taking on kids without a contract, so is probably breaking some kind of OFSTED rule.
  • Oh & next cm you find, insist on a contract up front & pay all fees via cheque or internet banking.
  • Hi

    If as you say you have not signed a contract with her, nor has she provided receipts, then I would think that she would be unable to take legal action against you, as it would just be a case of your word against hers with neither of you being able to prove the other is lying. Im no legal expert but from where im sitting I couldn't see how she could prove you haven't paid her.

    I would put this down to experience, and when you find paid childcare in future make sure that you sign a contract and get recepts. I would be inclined to steer clear of anyone who does not follow this procedure as standard, as I would have thought that a contract would go hand in hand with any liabilty insurance that a registered childminder would be required to have.

    Hope the situation is resolved soon x
  • thanx ladies i have now found another minder and i have a contract and she is lovely she is very proffessional my son has a diary and she writes in it every day he goes and what hes ate and what hes done i am very pleased about it and i know i made a mistake with the last one and im very glad i got out quick really
    thank you for your replies i was getting a bit paniky!!!
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