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Ive just told my boss im pregnat and they were horrible!!!

hi everyone

ive been ta my work for 15 weeks. I found out i was pregnat on sataurday and told my boss yesterday as havent seen her before to tell her.

I work in a shop and my job requires heavy lifting so wanted to tell her as soon as possible!!! Last week before i even found out i was pregnant my boss arranged for me to cover holidays in march and april so there fore i had no reason to think there was any problem!! when i told my boss the reaction i got was a dirty look and a good bye as i was buying stuff from the shop at the time!!! i didnt expect her to jump for joy but the least she could of mustered was a contratulations!!!! at that point i knew she was going to sack me.
i went into work today and my colleuge was very off with me (i only work in a small shop with 1 other person who has worked there for 9 years!!) i told her that morning that i hoped my boss didnt want to sack me but i knew my rights as a pregnant woman!!! later i saw a text on my collegues phone which was obviously about me stating that she was looking at a way to get around sacking me!!! i really dont know what to do and how im would prove ahe was discriminating againt me!!! any one had a similar situation!!!??


  • hi hun - how small is your shop? do you have any kind of union? - have your holidays that she arranged you to cover in march and april do you have the completed rotas? ie to show that she had no need to get rid of you. Also I would keep a diary of everything that is said and done from now - in case you o need to take it further - give EAR a call they giv free legal advice x
  • Employment law is employment law hun where ever you work. You have lots of rights and they'd be very silly to get rid of you. They also would have to justify why. You need to put in writing you are pregnant so they can't deny knowing. What a horrible employer! xxx
  • How awful I am so sorry you are being treated like that. There is still so much discrimination against women in the workplace and I tell ya what I don't think I would be able to stop myself from saying something to her. I admire your self control.
  • Dont worry about it. Keep a diary and look at for your rights, your community midwife would also offer support advise and support. head up!!!
  • Thanks for all your replies.....She sacked me the following sat...claiming it was redundancy due to the recession!!! I know this is just an excuse as i have asked her if our shop was ok and she had reassured me it was!!!!
    I have also seen the full time girl doing extra days to cover my hours!!! if she cant pay can she pay somone else especiaaly when they are on a higher wage!!!!!! Ive contacted a solicitor and they say i have a good case...i am currently taking further action!!! Its not about any money i wud get its to show her she cant do this to people!!!!
  • OMG!!!!! What a B=T#@, I hope to God she regrets sacking you. Well done on standing up for yourself and getting a solic. Its not like you fell pregnant on first week of working there.

    Good luck!!
  • You go girl. These employers cant treat us like that.

    I had grief at my work after first mat leave, so when i told them i was pg again they backed off, to come up with another plan, then made me redundant. I got myself an amazing lawyer and we won. They settled out of court berfore it went.

    Make sure you first of all raise a grievance with them telling them all the reasons why you believe you were unfairly dismissed. The courts will insist on it, and a few lawyers i spoke to didnt seem to think it was necessary and it was.

    I know it is really stressfull especially when you are pg. I was 22 weeks when it happened to me, and i has a terrible time but worth it when you win

    Good luck

    Gemm x
  • Hi Gemm

    Thanks for the advice. is ent a letter raising my greivence with them and they had the cheek to reply saying that i had let them down on several occassions by not coming into work and leaving early. I had 3 days off while i was there because my little boy was poorly he isnt even 1 yet!! and i left early once because he had a sky high temperature and we had to rush him to the docs.

    Ive been to see a solicitor now and he thinks we have a very good case!!!!
    He's gunna claim for my loss of earnings until i was due to go on maternity...the SMP i have lost as i cant claim anything as i havent worked enough weeks!!! and claim for my feelings and things!!! im not getting my hopes up and at the end of the day its not the money im interested in!!! its making her see she cant do this to people!!! and also so every one else can see that she's not a nice person!!!! cause at the minute everytime i walk past my old work im the one stared and and given dirty looks like its my fault?!
    how long did it take to go to court?

  • Hi, my case started a few weeks before xmas, i went through the appeal process, then the formal grievence, my lawyer did all the court forms etc, then acas get involved. They try to sort out the issue before it gets to court, which in my case the other side said they wanted to do. I then had the deciding on a figure. We claimed the loss of earnings, feelings etc. I live in Scotland so i dont know where you are and what the law is, but we submitted a massive ??38k claim. Of course they didnt pay that (i wish), but we came to a figure and i got my check..By the time i got the money it was July time!!!

    Took ages but totally worth it, not just for the money but the satisfaction

    If you need any advice, post or email me. Im usually either here toddler or miscarrage/etopic, (just had my 2nd MC)

    Good luck

    Gemm x

  • Hi Gemm

    Dunno if you still use this site.......My employer settled out of court so was well worth the trouble!!! dont think she'l be treating people like that again!!!

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