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shift work and child care

i work 12 hr shifts including nights 3-4 x a week. does anyone do this nad if so what do you do about child care.


  • I work 3 x long days too which is full time like you. I dont do night shift and my only request is that I have to work every Wednesday as my mum has cut her hours to look after kenny that day, MIL can look after him any other day during the week and OH is off weekends so im really lucky I dont have to use a nursery.

    I like working only 3 days but I feel I miss him terribly as he is sleeping when I get up and sleeping when I get home 3 days a week.

    What do you do? Im a nurse who desperately wants to become a full time mum again. image
  • i work in hospital too, as ITU paeds admin/co ordinator. a 24hr service. i was just wondering as although i plan to stay at home for a while and not return to this job ,i wondered what people like myself do for child care and i suspect i will return to work at some point.
  • oh my god i read the post and throught id replyed, i to do 3 long days a week my only request is a wednesday as mil can have him then i do use a childminder the other days its a good set up i throught of a nursery but didnt as the cost was hudge it was easier to use a childminder and i think the service is so much better, i can always rely on her and shes great with feeding and stuff id recommend a childminder to anyone its great and they get to know one person. my concern with a nursery was that they have a lot of young staff who are there just coz its a job, i have known a lot of young girls work in nursersys and it put me off. i work for the nhs they are flexable and good when you have kids
  • I work long night shifts, I work in a nursing home. And my dh looks after... lol... sleeps while the children and babe sleep. I wish I could return to just staying at home too. But finances are tight even with me working. I feel tired all the time and keep thinking there has to be a better way. But this works well because I do enjoy my work, I earn a good wage, and I still spend all day every day with my children. Here's hoping for that winning lotto ticket.

  • I really wish i could work 3 long days and then have 4 with my LO!
    My work is office based, mon-fri with 8-4 and 9-5, 10-6 sometimes. I wanted to condense my hours just to get 1/2 day with her - but they will not budge, have to do standard 35 hrs over 5 days or reduce hours.

    Unfortunately with a huge mtg (1100 a mth) and debts me and hubby can't afford for either of us to reduce hours. I am also well paid and earn more than hubby so no chance of really changing my job at the moment!

    I'm waiting for the lottery win too!
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