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Chafford Hundred

Hi girls

Does anybody live in this area?? I still have 18 weeks to go but am looking at where to put my little one now once i go back to work. I have seen one nursery so far and hubby and I was not that keen. I am just worried as I have not lived there long only moved there in Jan so don;t know anybody and have no idea who to ask who they use for their child care.

I am not 100% sure yet I will come back to work but one way of the other I will have to work part time. I have been told by work they wont have me back part time as I am the only one who does my job and so if I do not come back I would need to get a part time job somewhere local.

I am just started to worry about how we are going to cope.



  • hi sparkly flump, legally you are entitled to go back to your old job at the same hours/conditions as before but they have to consider your request for part time and give you good reason if not x
  • Hi K-Lou

    I'm from Chafford Hundred and my baby is due in 11 weeks. I work in London and have to go back to work full-time - can't afford to reduce my hours etc.

    Are you talking about the LF nursery in Chafford? What were your concerns? My husband and I had a look round in January and thought it seemed quite good. I had always maintained that I would not use a nursery, but find a good childminder. However, having seen the nursery I decided to go that route as the baby will be more confident from a young age and will have other children around. The nursery also provides proper meals. No disrespect to childminders as I have known some lovely people, but they often take children for pre-school and after-school so I was worried that my baby would not get much attention during this time.

    Are you having the baby at Basildon Hospital?

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